“Text Neck” – Is it a plausible diagnosis?

“Text Neck” – Is it a plausible diagnosis?

Is there such a thing as “Text Neck”?

“Text Neck” has been getting a lot of coverage in the media recently and with so much of our daily lives involving smartphones is it a possible diagnosis for neck pain?

Neck posture in some instances can be a contributing factor to the development and persistence of neck pain and headaches. With the increase in smartphone usage it is a plausible explanation for neck pain and headaches however the exact reason why is unclear.

When looking down at your phone which we all do due to the smaller screens the weight of the head on the neck muscles increases by approximately 10kgs. Then multiple that weight by the time spent looking at the phone it is a very credible cause for neck pain and headaches. In addition to this plausible reason for developing neck pain with using smartphones other factors need to be considered. It is well known that stress, fatigue, inactivity and mental health are contributing factors to ongoing neck pain. Meaning that “Text Neck” maybe caused by multiple factors NOT just using the smartphone.

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