The Active Life Physiotherapy Story So Far

The Active Life Physiotherapy Story So Far

They say everyone has a story… As the founder and principal physiotherapist at Active Life Physiotherapy this really rings true!

After nearly a decade of working overseas within both public and private healthcare sectors it is time to return to my roots. I have enjoyed the time spent abroad gaining experience working with a wide range of clients from the National Health Service in England to professional athletes in New Zealand. I have had the opportunity to work with patients with a vast array of abilities but all wanting to achieve a similar goal – To achieve their optimum performance. Whether they were post-surgery, the weekend warrior with a niggly knee or an Olympic athlete they all want the same – to get back to being active and to be able to perform their job/sport/hobby.

As everyone has a story so to does every injury and pain which is why when you visit Active Life Physiotherapy I will spend time asking lots of questions. This will help to the identify the cause of the problem rather than just treating the symptom therefore reducing the chance of it re-occurring.

During the past decade I have seen how combining the most recent research with clinical experience can empower clients to achieve their goals. I am passionate about treating the person as a whole to restore their function and improve performance so they can enjoy an active and healthy life.

If you have an injury or musculoskeletal pain that is stopping you living a full and active life give us a ring on (059) 911 6939 or check out the website to book online.