Pregnancy Physiotherapy

Pregnancy isn’t meant to hurt however a lot of women suffer with lower back, groin, pubic bone pain during this time. This is known as pelvic girdle pain. It can occur as the ligaments soften and stretch to allow the baby to grow and to be delivered. Also, the added weight of the baby can change your posture and put extra strain on your back, pelvis and hips.  

Seeing a Chartered Physiotherapist who specializes in Women’s Health can help relieve this pain and provide you with exercises to strength the pelvis, lower back hip muscles allowing women to enjoy their pregnancy.

Sometimes following pregnancy getting back exercising and fit can be a struggle as the pelvic floor and stomach muscles aren’t as strong as what they were previously. A lot of new mothers have back, pelvic and hip pain which can be due to pelvic floor weakness, diastasis rectus abdominis  and core muscle weakness. This can contribute to issues with the bladder and bowel like leaking urine when cough, sneeze, jump.

During childbirth the pelvic floor is susceptible to injury and there can be muscles tears and tears in the ligamentous or fascial supports. Sometimes scarring both externally (C-section) or internal (episiotomy) can lead to pain in abdomen or pelvic region which your specialized physiotherapist can help you with.

Getting back into exercise, gym, running too soon or too quickly following the birth of the baby without the correct muscle strengthening to counterbalance the effects of the pregnancy can make these problems worse. Seeing a Specialized Chartered Physiotherapist for a postnatal check is a must do! At Active Life Physiotherapy we will provide you with a specific exercise program to ensure you return to exercise in a safely.