Physiotherapy is required and extremely important prior to and following most surgeries.

Pre-surgery rehabilitation aka “pre-hab” is a time that is valuable to prepare for surgery. By ensuring that the joints, muscles and body are in optimum condition prior to the surgery the impact of surgery can be reduced.

Basically, the stronger you are before the surgery the better the chances of a faster and easier recovery from the surgery. Post-surgery individuals will most likely require rehabilitation to combat joint stiffness, pain, swelling and muscle wastage due to immobilization in the affected area.

At Active Life Physiotherapy we specialize in assisting our clients to achieve optimal strength, function and performance pre- and post-surgery. We will work closely with the client’s consultants to ensure the rehabilitation program is tailored towards the individual’s needs.

The rehabilitation process is unique for every surgery but would normally involve specific manual techniques to address joint mobility and muscle flexibility accompanied by a graduated strengthening/conditioning program.