Are you suffering from recurrent headaches? You are NOT alone!!

Are you suffering from recurrent headaches? You are NOT alone!!

The statistics from the World Health Organisation state that headache disorders are among the most common disorders of the musculoskeletal and nervous system. With almost half the adult population having had a headache in the last year.

There are several different types of headaches including migraine, cluster headaches, tension headaches and cervicogenic headaches. Both cervicogenic and tension headaches can be treated effectively by a Chartered Physiotherapist.

Cervicogenic headaches can be caused when the muscles and joints in the neck region become tight and stiff. This type of headache is typically described as a steady dull ache usually with a gradual onset which maybe present for days up to months. There maybe a history of acute trauma (whiplash) or repetitive trauma (associated with work).

Tension headaches is generally a diffuse, mild to moderate pain in your head that’s often described as a feeling of a dull tightness around the head. In addition, there maybe tenderness on the scalp, neck and shoulder muscles.

Assessment and treatment from a Chartered Physiotherapist has been documented in many scientific journals to be a safe and effective way to reduce and eliminate headache symptoms. Treatment options include soft tissue massage to release the muscles, manual therapy to improve the movement of stiff joints, exercise prescription to strengthen the muscles in the neck, workplace/ergonomic assessments to help identify positions/postures that maybe contributing to the symptoms. In addition, acupuncture or dry needling can be another effective way to manage and relief pain.

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